Logic pH    

    Remember high school chemistry when they talked about pH? pH is the measurement of acidity or alkalinity of a solution containing water. The pH scale goes from 0 to 14 with 7 being neutral. Very acidic substances have a low pH (hydrochloric acid -1) while very alkaline substances have I high pH (ammonia 11.5). Your body, being composed mostly of water, also has a pH. Blood pH is easily tested, with the healthy average being 7.4, slightly alkaline.

 Proper blood pH is very important. There are thousands of chemical reactions happening in your body constantly. The pH of your body effects how these reactions occur. If the body’s pH goes out of balance it can effect how well your body functions.

It has taken years of research and study to discover the great fact that the bloodstream should be alkaline. Yet, with most of us, it is in an acid state. From headache to indigestion, to pimples the common cold, and single cell diseases such as MS and Cancer, most problems arise from acidosis due to self-poisons caused by unhealthy foods. When the life stream is so polluted, how can our immune system defend the body against disease and illness?”

 There has been a lot of research in the last few years that shows many foods common in our diet today are very acid forming and negatively affect the ph of the blood. 

Neera news publication 2005

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